How to Use RAP Values for Trading in Pet Simulator X

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Still learning about RAP in Pet Simulator X? We'll get you all caught up & understand what it means!

How to Use RAP Values for Trading in Pet Simulator X

In this informational guide, we'll explain what RAP is, how to use it & the best way to stay current on the current Pet Sim X values.

What is RAP in Pet Simulator X?

RAP, or Recent Auction Price, is a value system for Huge pets, Exclusive Eggs & limited gifts that Preston added on March 4th, 2023, as part of the Comet Update in Pet Simulator X.

how to use rap for trading in pet simulator x

Not every pet has a RAP value which can make things confusing. For example, regular non-huge exclusives can't have a RAP value because they are not tradable on the auction block.

Our values team must still provide values for these pets so players know their worth.

Other pets that don't have RAP include:

  • Huge Pink Balloon Cat (can't be traded, so it doesn't have a RAP value.

  • Huge Crowned Corgi, Huge Crowned Pegasus & Huge Crowned Cat (too rare to have a RAP value).

  • Titanic pets (because they are too rare)

  • Any teased or unreleased huge pets

Many players, including those on our team, were unhappy with the addition of the RAP value system because it affected the trade market.

Pets that used to trade for high prices crashed & players needed clarification about what value system to use for buying & selling their pets.

For example, Huge Hell Rocks were cheaper before the update & then they almost doubled in price & I made a bunch of profit selling them.

It divided the community into players who liked to use value websites & players who only used RAP values from the game.

Since the update, most players have settled on using RAP since it's the easiest & safest method to use, so you don't get scammed. Of course, you can still sell your pets for whatever price you want, but good luck haggling with every player who prefers to stick to it. These reasons are why our value team likes it.

We recently updated, our values website, to include the daily RAP values for every pet with one. This update should help most players understand what a pet is worth & how its price has changed.

Are RAP Values Accurate in Pet Simulator X?

While many players will argue that RAP isn't the best value system to use, the truth is that most of the players will stick to it because it's right there in the game & the best way to avoid getting scammed.

Also, hardcore traders care way more about values than the average casual player, so it's easier to use as most players follow it.

Outside of Huge pets, you will still need to use a value site like to get accurate values for non-huge pets. We curate data for hundreds of pets to get the best-estimated price.

As Pet Sim X gets older & people forget about the old values system, RAP will be the only value to go off of, as buying or selling a pet for your made-up price will be impossible. I experience this while trading daily, watching new players struggle to buy & sell for the right price.

RAP is here to stay & it will be interesting to see how the price of Huge pets rises or falls over time. Sorry if you're not a fan of it, but we must go with whatever Preston says for now!