The Capybara is an Exclusive pet that was released with the Hardcore/Anniversary update on July 29th, 2022. It could be hatched from the Exclusive Capybara Egg at a 50% chance.

The Capybara has a current starting value of 4,000,000,000 gems.

capybara pet simulator x


Pet Name Value
signature big maskot pet simulator x Signature Big Maskot 7,500,000,000
sea dragon pet simulator x Sea Dragon 7,500,000,000
pog immortuus pet simulator x Pog Immortuus 5,000,000,000
capybara pet simulator x Capybara 4,000,000,000
pony pet simulator x Pony 4,000,000,000
rainbow unicorn pet simulator x Rainbow Unicorn 4,000,000,000
rave crab pet simulator x Rave Crab 4,000,000,000