Doodle Parrot Value

  • Normal: 23.36m - 25.95m
  • Gold: 29.45m - 35.34m
  • Rainbow: 38.84m - 46.61m
  • Darkmatter: 50.11m - 60.13m


doodle parrot pet simulator x

Pet Information & Details

The Doodle Parrot is the first-ever "Secret" rarity pet introduced in Pet Simulator X. On release it was the strongest pet in the entire game. For a short period of time you could purchase it from the Mystery Merchant for around 300 million gems. It was quickly removed & now it can only be hatched from the Tropical Doodle Egg.

The normal Doodle Parrot has a current value between 23.36m and 25.95m gems/diamonds.

Doodle Parrot Historic Value