The Halloween Gift is an Exclusive event gift in PSX that was released with the Halloween 2022 update. It cost 1,200 Robux which rewarded you with 10 Halloween Gifts. The pets available to obtain from the gift were (Scary Cat, Scary Corgi, Huge Scary Cat & Huge Scary Corgi.

The Halloween Gift has a current starting value of 14,000,000,000 gems.

halloween gift pet simulator x


Pet Name Value
storm agony pet simulator x Storm Agony 14,000,000,000
prickly panda pet simulator x Prickly Panda 14,000,000,000
halloween gift pet simulator x Halloween Gift 14,000,000,000
starfall dragon pet simulator x Starfall Dragon 13,000,000,000
wicked empyrean dragon pet simulator x Wicked Empyrean Dragon 13,000,000,000
yee haw cat pet simulator x Yee Haw Cat 11,000,000,000