Nature Axolotl Value

  • Normal: 89999999999.99998t - 99999999999.99998t
  • Gold: 113499999999.99998t - 136199999999.99997t
  • Rainbow: 149699999999.99997t - 179639999999.99997t
  • Darkmatter: 193139999999.99997t - 231767999999.99997t


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Pet Information & Details

The Nature Axolotl is a Basic pet that came with the Axolotl Ocean update. It can be hatched from the Shiny Axolotl Egg at around a 49% chance.

The normal Nature Axolotl has a current value between 89999999999.99998t and 99999999999.99998t gems/diamonds.

Nature Axolotl Historic Value